Xray T4 Extreme Cool Fan shroud

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Ultra high efficiency fan shroud for use with a 30mm fan. This is a bolt in part, utilizing the factory chassis screw hole just rearward of motor. Motor to cooling fan spacing is approx 11.5mm, to avoid magnetic interference. Mount weight is just above 3 gram. Proven temperature reductions of up to 20*f. Recommended fan is the AC 30mm fan.

*Must remove factory fan mounting boss from motor mount, prior to fan shroud install*

*When ARS is installed, must use 10mm fan only, for toe link clearance.

*Accepts R1 or WTF windy, without ARS* 

*Fan NOT included* 

  Necessary hardware included consists of

(4) 3x12mm BHS 

(1) 3x5mm FHS