Tekno EB410 Extreme Cool fan shroud & Carbon diff brace

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Extreme Cool fan shroud mount for your Tekno EB410 4wd buggy. The Extreme Cool fan shroud offers unmatched cooling for your demanding stock class racing, as well out summer outdoor racing, were heat control can be challenging. Specifically designed for fitment with the Jconcepts body, as well as stock body.  Arndtcraft EB410 specific carbon diff brace is necessary for fan shroud mounting, and is included. Necessary mounting hardware is also included. 



-30mm fan fitment (10mm, R1, and WTF Windy) 

-Fitment with High velocity Inlet

-Fitment with Carbon Inlet covers  

-Jconcepts & stock body fitment 

-Superior motor cooling. 

-Durable Nylon material  


-Included hardware consists of...

M3x12mm BHS (4x)

M3x10mm FHS (2x)