Serpent 4X/EVO Extreme Cool Fan shroud

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 Ultra high efficiency fan shroud for use with a 30x10mm fan. This is a bolt in part, utilizing the factory chassis screw hole. Adjustable slotted design, for optimal shroud to can spacing. Motor to cooling fan spacing is approx 11.5mm, to avoid magnetic interference. Mount weight is just above 3 gram. Proven temperature reductions of up to 20*f. Recommended fan is the AC 30mm fan. 

* high velocity Inlet not compatible*

* ONLY compatible with 30x10mm fans*

*INSTALL NOTE* (3) M3 BHS are included, and ONLY 3 are to be used when mounting fan to shroud. Leave inside lower fan mount screw out. Clearance is tight on the Serpent, and optimal fan performance comes from proper spacing from motor can. 

  Necessary hardware included consists of

(3) 3x12mm BHS 

(1) 3x5mm FHS

(1) 5mm nut