Carbon X-treme. 30mm Cooling fan brace

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30mm motor cooling fan brace for use in extreme offroad conditions such as carpet/astro tracks with wood or concrete base. Supports fan center section, as well as fan housing structure, to prevent fan center section from deflecting under hard impacts, which can result in fan breakage. 
          Please read prior to purchasing and installation
*For installation on bottom (air flow outlet) side of fan only*
*Part is designed to install with pattern matching that of fan, MUST be installed in this orientation, to be effective. Pay attention to profile of brace*
*Remove any fan decal on mounting surface before mounting brace*
*Can be used independent of fan shroud, for chassis mounted fans*
*Recommended for use in offroad applications*
*CNC machined from 1mm Carbon fiber*
                *Necessary hardware included consisting of
                      (4x) M3 x 14mm black oxide BHS*