Yokomo YZ4 SF Extreme cool fan shroud

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Based off the popular B64 fan shroud, is the Yokomo YZ4 SF specific fan shroud/mount. Shroud accepts std 30x8 or 30x10mm fans.  Shroud mount is slotted for adjustments on gearing or motor variations. Drastic reduction of motor temps, over a std rear fed fan. Testing has shown reductions of 30*f + under 75*f ambient. Safe secure means to mount your cooling fan, as to avoid issues occasionally associated with a chassis mounted fan placement. 

*Highly reccomned to use short/LP 5mm bullets for your charge leads (if charging in car) as well as ESC lead*

*Fan NOT included*

    Necessary hardware included consists of

(4) 3x12mm BHS 

(2) 3x10mm FHS

(2) 3mm aluminum countersunk washers