Associated TC7-7.1 Extreme Cool fan shroud (1UpRacing DTC compatible)

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Ultra high efficiency fan shroud for use with a 30mm fan. This shroud is comparible with the 1UpRacing DTC conversion. The fan shroud replaces the drivers side DTC mount, while providing an equally secure means for the toe link ball stud. Features exact geometry as the 1UpRacing mount, with an additional 2mm of threaded mounting boss. This will effectively raise your toe link/ball stud by 2mm on the fan shroud side. This is a bolt in factory location part. Allows for necessary gear changes without moving fan.   Motor to cooling fan spacing is approx 11.5mm, to avoid magnetic interference. Proven temperature reductions of up to 20*f. For additional cooling efficiency we reccomned the  AC 30mm Fan 

*Fan NOT included*

*M3/12 screw not used on bottom right fan hole*

*Not compatible with fans thicker than 10mm* 

*Not compatible with AC 30mm inlet*

 Necessary hardware included consists of

(3) 3x12mm BHS 

(2) 3x5mm FHS